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Film Exit Trays for Converted Epson DTF Printers

Film Exit Trays for Converted Epson DTF Printers

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This outfeed tray has been designed to keep your transfer film flat as it's exiting the printer. These are a must have for any serious DTF transfer maker. Take the risk out of scratching your ink as it exits the printer. These trays will hold up to 13"x19" film.

Removal of the factory is required on some models but is very easy and requires no special skills or tools. Directions will be provided on request (to customers only) with the tray and support is available to all customers.

Due to high demand and the supply of acrylic, these will ship 7-12 business days after order is placed, most likely sooner. There is a "rush" option available below. When the RUSH processing is chosen the order will be processed and shipped within 2 business days. 

Currently we have offer the trays in black acrylic but sometimes, depending on availability, some random colors may be used.

Designed and made in San Diego, California.

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